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Juna is Bernafon’s most sophisticated hearing aid family featuring the Audio Efficiency™ core technology. No matter which environment you are in, Audio Efficiency™ technology orchestrates the right set of features and accessories for you.

With Juna premium hearing aids, you can enjoy enhanced speech understanding even in the most challenging listening situations.

ChannelFree™, our proven signal processing system, provides you with a distinctively clear and natural sound quality.

i-VC, an intelligent volume control, is a new and unique feature in Juna ensuring that your hearing aid reacts most appropriately to volume changes and adapts to different listening environments.

Directionality is also important for hearing conversations more clearly. That’s why Juna comes with a set of different directionality features to support 360° sound detection.

Finally, noise reduction is crucial for hearing the conversation and enjoying the moment. With Juna and its set of noise reduction systems, unwanted noise is cleverly reduced.


Advanced technology in a mid-range hearing aid makes a lot of sense. Natural sound perception and enhanced speech understanding in almost all listening situations makes conversations more comfortable and less tiring.

The perfect choice for people who want listening to be easier and more comfortable and who need more program options.


The Nevara hearing aid family consists of multiple behind-the-ear and in-the-ear models that cover almost every hearing loss. All have been developed to meet your expectations of comfortable and discreet hearing aids.

For your convenience, we also offer a remote control to easily switch to your preferred volume or program.

Nevara is a hearing aid that fulfills a basic need: to hear and understand sounds, particularly speech, more clearly. And with Nevara, there is no compromise on this. Nevara’s effective features also remove unwanted whistling and disturbing noise to give you a more comfortable hearing experience.


The Supremia Super Power BTE (Behind-The-Ear) is Bernafon’s strongest hearing aid, offering adults and children with a severe to profound hearing loss a new perspective in hearing.

Supremia is extremely easy to operate. With the integrated volume control and the push button for changing programs, you can adapt to different listening environments without any hassle. Supremia is also exceptionally robust and durable – a reliable partner that meets the highest quality standards.


SoundGate 3

SoundGate gives you the freedom to listen with your hearing aids to a number of wired and wireless audio sources. For example, it works as an interface between your hearing aids and Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones.

TV Adapter

For clear and sharp listening to the TV, let the sound come directly from your TV to your hearing aids by using SoundGate with Bernafon’s TV Adapter 2.

Phone Adapter

Enjoy wireless, hands-free landline calls and greater talk-time at home or at work with your SoundGate and Phone Adapter 2.

SoundGate Mic

Use this discreet microphone for one-to-one communication in very noisy environments and understand speech more easily with less effort.

SoundGate App

The SoundGate App goes beyond the usual controls of a hearing aid. Use the app on your mobile phone together with the SoundGate to switch programs, turn the volume up or down, and connect to multiple devices.