South Oakville Hearing and Audiology Clinic offers professional, safe and effective ear wax removal services for children and adults. There are many different ways to remove earwax. We will always chose the safest, and most comfortable option based on what we see in the ear canal.

The primary methods used at South Oakville Hearing and Audiology Clinic are mechanical tools like curettes, loops or forceps, and irrigation. The type of removal method employed by the audiologist will be based on the texture of the ear wax, the depth in the ear canal, and the patient’s case history. Sometimes, a combination of all methods will be used. The methods are described in detail below:

Mechanical Tools: The removal of ear wax using stainless-steel instruments is a safe and effective method of removing ear wax. Our audiologist has a thorough understanding of the ear and ear canal anatomy, infection control, and different removal techniques. If the ear wax is too hard to remove safely during your initial visit, an ear wax softening agent will be recommended to ensure the removal is easy and painless for the patient upon their next visit.  Mechanical tools are used most often when the ear wax is closer to the outside of the ear canal.

Syringing: Syringing uses a low-pressure system which very gently forces water into the patient’s ear canal creating turbulence in the ear canal, which will dislodge any stubborn wax that is sitting deeper in the ear canal. Since the irrigation technique uses water to remove ear wax, it can be slightly uncomfortable for the patient, and in some cases, individuals may feel a little bit dizzy. Irrigation is only used when the use of mechanical instruments are not suitable option.

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