We will fit your hearing aids based on your hearing loss, ear measurements, and the listening preferences gathered in the personalization section of your hearing aid evaluation. Once you have been fit with the hearing device, you will have two weeks to try it out in your everyday life because we know that a hearing aid might sound great in our office, but the world outside is a noisy place. We want to ensure that when you walk out of our clinic, you are confident that you have made the best decision about your hearing aids.

Two vs One

“Do I need to wear two?” The benefits to wearing hearing aids on both ears far outweigh the disadvantages. Just like you see better with both of your eyes, , the part of your brain that processes sound works optimally when it receives sound from both ears. Here are the many advantages of wearing two hearing aids:

  • better hearing in background noise
  • Better ability to locate where a sound is coming from
  • better sound quality
  • both ears stay active


Just like most of today’s technology, hearing aids are evolving at a rapid pace. Technological growth is allowing people with a hearing loss to become more connected to the world around them than people with normal hearing. In today’s word your hearing aids can connect to your cell phone, your TV at home, your home telephone, the lights in your house, your doorbell, the possibilities are truly endless. It is important however, to speak with your audiologist about your options for connectivity. At South Oakville Hearing and Audiology Clinic we will customize a system for you, which will allow you to overcome your specific listening obstacles.

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