Live speech mapping uses advanced verification equipment to more effectively evaluate and fit patients for hearing aids. The idea behind the technology is quite simple. An audiologist places a small microphone within a patient’s ear canal to detect differences in how the patient hears soft, moderate and loud levels of speech. Using the innovative equipment, the audiologist can “see” what you’re hearing through the hearing aid in real time. A screen displays the results for you as well, so that you can watch as adjustments are made and see how they affect your ability to hear. In this way, live speech mapping lets you understand and visualize the difference that a personalized hearing aid fitting can make.

It isn’t easy for a patient to tell whether or not their hearing aid is adjusted properly, especially after the first visit. Live speech mapping provides instant, tangible results. In addition to relying only on what they can hear themselves, patients can see visual representations of what they’re hearing and how adjusting the hearing aid affects their ability to hear. The process makes it much easier for a patient to confirm whether or not their audiologist adjusted their hearing device effectively.

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